Starting E-Commerce business is easy.
No business is too small for e-commerce.
No large capital outlay is required. Cost of starting e-comerce is becoming lower as credit card transaction costs are cheaper with presence Paypal in Australia.
As long as you have products or services to sell and a web page, your business can have ecommerce. We will guide and support your along the way.

For Free Consultation on E-Commerce
email us at or phone 04-15165050.

We are committed to providing you terrific service and quality products at reasonable prices.

Our E-Commerce solution:

We built e-coomerce sites using e-catalogues and shopping carts based on  Microsoft ASP.NET and open source PHP technologies.

We will built sites that come with Content Management System (CMS) that  allow you to run and adminster your own site. Adding, deleting and updating products into the system is quite easy with the CMS.

We can customise your site to suit your business and marketing needs, enabling features such as discounts, promotions, cross-sellings, newsletters etc, to be added.  

We evaluate your requirements, and propose the most optimal hosting solutions.


What's required  in E-Commerce:
A database driven website containing your products and prices , with shopping cart that's hosted in a web server.
An account with Paypal
merchant bank account  from a major bank , payment gateway and website security certificate

Finally,  you must have systems in place to  deliver the internet orders.
Why E-Commerce and Why Now ?
  • broaden your customer base as you have global presence
  • reduce costs on distribution and customer service
  • your internet store is open all the time
  • having credit card payment transaction card on web site is much simpler and cheaper nowadays
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.